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Moonglow is a group of well-known, dedicated and talented musicians who specialise in performing at weddings, corporate functions, parties and anniversaries.  Moonglow has spent years playing together and our sound is the result.  The musicians of Moonglow blend their unique sounds and styles seamlessly, producing deep, rich music that moves our audiences.  Our energy and experience have made the band what it is today.  Our sophisticated and elegant presence allows us to share our love of music without relying on stage gimmicks to provide a great performance.  With a full range of music from the jazz,/swing/bebop era at our disposal, we'll provide the music your guests want to hear.

The usual lineup of Moonglow consists of Vocals, Sax, Trumpet, Piano, Bass, and Drums.  The band lineup can range from a solo artist to the full group, or more if desired!  Our musicians have years of experience, endless talent, and a love for what we do.  We bring your favourite artists and songs to life, setting the atmosphere for an event to remember!  Moonglow can get the crowd going with a fresh, modern take on the classics or rev up the energy with some jazzed up arrangements of well-known pop tunes.  We have a deep knowledge and respect for the music of an era that has influenced all types of music since. The Moonglow interpretation of the songs of the greats results in music you'll love.

As a professional band, Moonglow sets the mood for whatever function you're planning. We work closely with our clients to determine the vibe of the event, and perform accordingly.  The professionalism of Moonglow is evident in our presence, the quality of the music we play, and our dedication to our music. 

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