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Music at a wedding ceremony can be something easily not given enough attention, however just as the flowers, dress, and location are crucial to setting the tone, music is a crucial way to convey your feelings, personalities, wedding theme, and to help your guests relax.

MES can provide the following services to ensure your ceremony is everything you dreamed of.

-          Provide you with a high quality portable audio system. This is a battery operated speaker that has iPod connectivity and includes a wireless microphone, which will allow your celebrants voice to be amplified as well as playing music throughout your ceremony.

-          Provide a professional DJ/operator to be present at your ceremony to cue all of your songs in at the appropriate times as well as control microphone volume.

-          Provide an iPad for you with all of the songs that you have chosen for your ceremony making it easy to navigate through and cue your songs throughout the ceremony.

-          Change the tempo or duration of any of your special songs to suit your requirements.

-          Assist you in selecting appropriate music for your ceremony.


The general rule is that music is not played while the celebrant and wedding party are speaking, having said that, the following sections are great places to have music.

The Prelude: The time before the start of the ceremony

-          Allow your guests to arrive to an atmosphere filled with music that sets the scene for the type of feel that you want on the day. This is usually around 15-20 minutes before the bride arrives.

The Bridal March: Walking down the aisle

-          The bridal march, also known as the procession, is the most important piece of wedding music you need to choose. We can assist you in choosing suitable, walk-able pieces.

Singing the Register

-          Sometimes it can appear that the wedding ceremony has come to a bit of a lull while the register is being signed. Music played during this time fills the gap and provides a seamless continuity between the sections of the ceremony.

The Recessional: Your exit

-          This is the piece of music to be played as you walk back down the aisle and make your exit.


If we can assist you in any way with advice for your ceremony music please don't hesitate to contact us.

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